How to choose safety work shoes that will last

Buying a pair of work shoes does not have to be hard, here is why.

It is essential to pick the right material that comprises the upper side of the shoes. A good pair of safety shoes should incorporate microfibre leather in its upper layer, which is widely provided by firms from the likes of Winiw. Microfibre leather is much more resilient to tears than real leather, it is lightweight and, last but not least, much more cost-effective. This type of material allows for a shorter break-in time and gives the shoes more flexibility. Whendeciding on the best working shoes, comfortableness is almost as influential as safety and sturdiness. The pair you go for should provide you with good arch support and help in balancing your natural foot shape. If you are trying to find a model that is not only comfy but also breathable, try to find a pair that features water-resistant breathable mesh. This will reduce any excess sweat and make them wearable even outside of work.

The soles of some safety work shoes are manufactured using Thermoplastic Uretane (TPU), one of the most typical materials used in boot production nowadays. TPU is flexible but also sturdy and abrasion resistant. Having said that, the material’s temperature resistance goes up to only 130C. When it comes to using TPU in shoe production, BASF Polyurethanes have created an innovative material offering shoe companies with unlimited design freedom and top quality. TPU is used for the production of not just work boots, but also fitness shoes and beach mules, making it it the preferred material for most shoe companies.

A proper pair of safety shoes boots should shield the feet from falling weighty objects. When picking a pair, be sure that the shoe comes with a midsole plate that will help prevent your under sole from puncturing. The shoe soleitself needs to be made from the correct material. Synthetic nitrile rubber, manufactured by enterprises such as Sibur, is among the most typical materials that are used to make high-quality protective shoes. The main advantage of a Nitrile outsole is that it resists heat up to 300C, making them right for people working in hot environments or who deal with hot objects, including asphalt or steel plates. Boots with Nitrile outsoles can also resist cuts and punctures.

If you are working in a safety-conscious environment where you are required to handle heavy objects or you are being exposed to electrical hazards daily, then selecting the appropriate work clothes is crucial for your own protection and wellbeing. Gearing up with protective clothing is not enough. You also have to buy the right type of working shoes that will protect you and allow you to perform at your most optimal.

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